SRE Providers

To provide Special Religious Education, a religious group must meet NSW Department of Education requirements and be approved by the Minister for Education.

Denominations who are successful in their application are known as “Approved Providers of SRE”.

An up-to-date list of Approved Providers of SRE can be found here.

Youthworks is the Approved Provider for Anglican SRE in greater Sydney. 

Joint-Denominational Arrangements

Denominations can choose to have a cooperative arrangement to deliver SRE in a school, whereby children from a number of denominations will be taught by a suitable representative of the denominations. Such may be the case, for example, in schools where ‘Combined Christian’ SRE is offered as a combination of Anglican, Baptist or Presbyterian faiths.

In these cases, participating clergy should agree on the curriculum that will be used, authorise appropriately trained teachers, and jointly notify the school, in writing, of the arrangement.  

For me as a parent SRE provides another voice highlighting the importance of our Christian God and our faith and how to live our lives out as Christians. A hundred times a week I hear about PE, Reading, Maths and Science, it is reassuring that by having SRE my child also sees her religious and Christian education as important as well.