Why is SRE part of public education?

Religion has always played a valued part in the education provided by NSW government schools.  The NSW Public Instruction Act of 1880 set down the pattern of teaching that exists to this day, based on a dual system of secular instruction (which includes general religious education) and special religious education. 

Public schools exist to support parents in the education and development of their children. As a society, we want an education system that does more than just equip children academically. We’ve recognised that things like music, drama, or sport (and a whole variety of other things) are valuable in helping young people develop into mature, society-contributing adults. Religious education fits into this category, possessing educational and cultural value that contributes to the holistic development of our children.

NSW is a diverse, multicultural community and SRE reflects that diversity. It doesn’t trivialise religion or different beliefs. Instead, it celebrates diversity and gives students the opportunity to understand and explore the world from a genuine faith perspective.

When is SRE delivered?

The times for SRE lessons are to be fixed by negotiation between the principal of the school and the approved religious providers who will run the program. Lessons must be at least 30 minutes per week, with a maximum of one hour per week. 

Many I know have had their lives changed for the better later on in life because of the influence of what they learned in scripture in primary school. My brother-in-law, for instance, was once a drug addict. He told me how empty his life felt and he remembered some of the things his scripture teacher taught him in primary school. So he went to a church one day and had a life changing encounter. He has never taken drugs since then, got married has a good career and a 7 month old daughter. His life is now headed in a totally different direction than what it would have. And his story is just one of many many more.